What Our Customers Are Saying: 

From major corporations to individual gifts, our personalized leather work gloves have a great track record of satisfaction. Customers are not only happy with the quality of the gloves, but they also rave about the detail and beauty of the photo, logo or other personalization items burned into the gloves. See what these happy customers have to say:

We have been looking for a less expensive way to advertise our business. What a wonderful idea, useful and attractive all in one package. Our customers love these FIREBORN® gloves. Thank you for the fast service.
Eric, Nevada

The gloves are great. They fit perfect. The material of the gloves are not too thick as to prohibit moving your fingers while using them. The images on the gloves came out great. Would definitely buy more as gifts for others.
Josh, New York

The gloves arrived today. That was fast! They are absolutely beautiful and they fit Tammy perfectly. The logo is wonderful. It’s very nicely reproduced and crisply detailed. Thank you so much for your craftsmanship and your quick service.
Craig, Washington

Dad is one of those people who have everything and is hard to buy for. I rack my brain each time a gift is called for. Now I have the perfect gift for someone who has everything. And the best thing is he will use them, wear them out and need a new pair the next time I need a gift. These gloves are awesome!
Thank you!
Debra, Idaho

Wow! The gloves are GREAT! So soft and I love the Logo.
Barb, Washington

I received my order of Fireborn® gloves. I was not prepared for the high quality and luxurious feel of these gloves. My logo looks great and when you put the glove on your hand, well, they are so soft and comfortable you just want to wear them all the time. My clients will LOVE these and I expect to place another order for more gloves yet this week! You have a great product and your customer service is extraordinary. I will be a repeat customer.
Tom, Hayden, Idaho

Our business gives gifts during the Holiday to our good customers in appreciation of their business. It is difficult to find gifts under $40.00. This is more than we can afford to give this year. When we came upon these gloves, we knew this was the perfect gift. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and exciting idea!
Naomi, Washington

A couple of months ago I saw these gloves on eBay. They were only listed a short time and by the time I made a decision, they were gone. I was so happy to happen on the website where I could order some for my dad. He is tough to buy for and will love these gloves. What a great idea!
Charles, North Dakota

Got the new gloves. They look fantastic. I love what was done with them. Thank you and have a happy holiday!
Toni, Washington

I own a construction business and like to give my customers a thank you gift for allowing me to work for them. So far, I have given out 15 of these gloves and most of them want to know how to order more for their friends and family. This is the best thank you gift ever. Very reasonable pricing on these gloves makes it easier on the pocketbook.
Eric, Washington