Fireborn® Custom Leather Gloves

Ordering your personalized Fireborn® Gloves is very simple.  Just visit either collection of top quality leather gloves by clicking one of the buttons below. Select the glove style you want and make your purchase.  Don’t forget to upload your logo or other artwork to personalize your leather gloves.

To find your glove size measure the palm of your hand from your little finger to the pointer finger.  Do not include your thumb in this measurement.  Select your measurement from the chart.  The size is listed next to your measurement.



        Women’s Size                                   Men’s size
Size     Xsmall         6”                      Small        7” 

           Small           6 1/2"                Medium     7 1/2"

           Medium       7"                       Large       8 1/2 - 9"

           Large          7 1/2"                 XLarge      9 1/2 - 10" 

           XLarge        8"                       XXLarge    10 1/2 - 11" 




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Lined Gloves

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